Prepare For Your Home Inspection

Once your home has a buyer, it is more than likely to have a home inspection. All to often the house has not been prepared for inspection and inspectors cannot get to certain items because of storage or clutter. This creates limitations to the report as the inspectors cannot get around to check items.

To help sellers prepare, here is a simple check list of the areas the inspector will need access to. This is for all inspectors not just Prairie Building inspections.

1. Roof and Exterior
Make sure walls are clear of storage so the inspector can get a good view of exterior and foundation.

2. Electrical
Ensure all storage is removed from the front of the electrical panel. This is a common problem where the inspector just cannot get to the panel.

3. Heating and Water Heaters
Remove all storage from around the furnace and water heater. The inspector will need all around the area as well as access.

4. Air Conditioning
Not applicable in the winter as it is too cold to run the air conditioner. During warmer months, check that the breakers are on and the air conditioning works. The inspector will only operate the main control (thermostat). They will not turn on breakers as they assume it is off for a reason and any damage caused by turning on breakers they will have to pay for.

5. Attic
The inspector will need access to the attic. If access is in a closet, please unseal the access and remove any storage and shelving so they can get in.

6. Interior Basement Walls
This is a popular area for storage so just move things away from the walls or concrete so the inspector can see.

7. Clear Clutter
Inspectors will not normally move things around in case they break something so it goes in the report as unable to inspect causing questions from your buyers.

Help the inspector with theses 7 steps and it helps the transaction go as smooth as possible.

Realtors: Please feel free to send to sellers as a link or copy and paste this text into your own letterhead.

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