Yearly Archives: 2010

What Is Thermal Imaging?

Ok let's talk about thermal imaging or its technical name infrared thermal imaging. Unless you work in the building or inspections industries you probably don't know exactly what thermal imaging is and why you should want it on a property inspections. lets begin by clarifying what thermal imaging wont do. 1. Thermal imaging isn't x…
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Do I Need An Inspection On A New House Purchase?

I get asked a lot if a new house should have a home inspection and the answer is always yes, but you would expect me to say that right. The new home builder has to coordinate a lot of systems and different contractors all arriving at a specified time to get the end result of…
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Wet Basements

We have had a lot of rain this year and the ground is very wet. This has caused all sort of problems in peoples basements. After talking with my Insurance broker about this issue, Here is a tip ,File a claim with your insurance company even if you know it will be turned down because…
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