Do I Need An Inspection On A New House Purchase?

I get asked a lot if a new house should have a home inspection and the answer is always yes, but you would expect me to say that right.

The new home builder has to coordinate a lot of systems and different contractors all arriving at a specified time to get the end result of a new home for you.

There are so many thing that can go wrong it always amazes me that it most instances they get it right.

That's why they give a 12 month warranty to cover the things that may have been missed. Is it not better to catch the problems before they are a problem and before the warranty runs out.

If the home has a 12 month warrantee and you get to 13 months you may have a devil of a job to get the builder to come back and fix it.

So my advice is to get your new home inspected as soon as you move in so you can get all the problems fixed before the warranty runs out. This will give you peace of mind and may save you a lot of heartache.

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