10 Questions You Should Be Asking

If you are buying a house in Saskatoon, Prince Albert,The Battlefords, Yorkton, Regina or any of the smaller communities in Saskatchewan and you need a home inspector.

The first thing you need to know is that in Saskatchewan there are no regulations that cover the home inspection industry.

No qualifications needed, No licence, No insurance and not even any knowledge. Yes anyone can call themselves a home inspector.

To help you choose a home inspector here are the questions you should be asking.

1. How long have you been working as a home inspector?
Hopefully the answer will be years.

2. What professional organizations do you belong to?
Here are some , Internachi, Cannachi, Cahpi, Srar and Sboa. There is no requirement to belong to any of these organisations.

3. What was your training?
There are various levels of training programmes ranging from very light to very in depth all giving a certification at the end.
All of us at Prairie building inspection went through the Carson Dunlop Training program and It is my personal opinion
that this is the best one.

4. How long does the inspection take?
It should be a minimum of 2 hrs.

5. Are you insured?
They should carry general liability and errors and omission insurance.

6. Should I be there for the inspection?
Most definitely YES or at least for the last hour as you gain a better understanding of what you a buying.

7. How much do you charge?
Wrong question, but it is always at the top of peoples list. NEVER hire a home inspector on price. Your about to make the biggest investment of your life and you need someone who knows what they are doing. They may be $50 more expensive but they can save you from buying a money pit.

8. When will you do the inspection?
Not at night after his day job.

9. Do you have a list of References?
The home inspector should have at least 3. Ask around your friends who have purchased a home, who did they use for their home inspection.

10. Should I use the Home inspector my realtor recommends?
This is a decision only you can make, but do due diligence as not all home inspectors are the same.

This List is not exhaustive and you will have some questions of your own. Our inspection reports are all photograph based,
we include an appliance recall, a 90 day warranty and free ongoing telephone consultancy and support.

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