Saskatoon Home Inspections

If you are purchasing a house in Saskatoon, you need a home inspection. The single largest investment of your life, and likely the place where the majority of your wealth will be tied up, it would be financially irresponsible to not do your due diligence.

Why have a home inspection?

The obvious reason is to avoid purchasing a home that requires repairs larger than your budget. Fixing foundation or grading issues can quickly escalate into the tens of thousands of dollars with Saskatoon's hot labour market. Ideally a home inspection will allow you to enter a purchase agreement with your eyes open, and allow you to pass on a property that you couldn't afford.

After you've purchased your house though, that inspection report can become a road map. A qualified inspector should ask that you be present during the inspection so that he can explain the severity of the issues he finds (and guess what, every house has some kind of issue), and let you prioritize the repairs over the first few years of ownership.

Limitations of a home inspection

We've all watched the home shows on the cable networks and know that an inspection can't identify everything. The very best home inspections in Saskatoon can offer a limited warranty (typically 90 days) to give you peace of mind. Also, a qualified inspector can also refer you to other professionals, such as structural engineers, who can provide even more advice after the initial issue was discovered by your inspector.

Other Benefits

At Prairie Building Inspections we also offer a appliance recall check. If the manufacturer of one of your appliances issues a recall after our home inspection, you'll be notified.

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