Before The Home Inspection

Show your home at its best So before you list it use this check list and recheck the items before the home inspector arrives.

  1. Remove any ground or mulch from the siding. At least 6-7 inches is preferred.
  2. Clean out the gutters or eavestrough from all the debris and make sure the downspouts are clear and directing water away from the home at least 5 feet.
  3. Remove vegetation from around the house and make sure trees are not to close.
  4. Paint all  exterior wood and apply caulking around windows doors and exterior trim.
  5. Install rain caps on chimney if the are missing.
  6. Repair any brickwork and mortar joints.
  7. Clean or replace HVAC filters and don't forget the HRV on newer homes. Have the ductwork cleaned.
  8. Test smoke detectors and fit Carbon Monoxide detectors if none present.
  9. Make sure the attic access is clear as the inspector will need to get in.
  10. Make sure all windows and doors work and replace any hardware as needed.
  11. Check the plumbing for leaks and repair as necessary. You would be amazed at how many sink leaks we find.
  12. Check the toilet is not loose and seal around all baths and showers.
  13. Check the GFCI In bathrooms and kitchens work and replace as necessary.
  14. Replace any light bulbs not working.
  15. Check the sump pump for proper operation if one is fitted.
  16. If basement windows are at or below grade install window wells.
  17. If the house is vacant make sure all the utilities are on and everything works.

This list is not exhaustive but will provide a good start to a inspection.

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