New For Spring 2011 – Appliance Recall Check

It been awhile since my last post so its time for a update on what is going off at Prairie Building Inspections.

Through the winter I have been working on increasing the value to our clients and have now launched Recall check + recall track and a 90 day warranty on our Home Inspections.

Now all appliances are checked for manufacturers recall and recall track will monitor the appliance throughout it life and email their status every month to our clients.

The normal statistic is that 1 in 10 homes have a recalled appliance that has not been rectified but to my horror since we introduced it here in Saskatoon the figure is nearer 20%. For our clients safety all Home inspections in Saskatoon and throughout Saskatchewan now have this included as part of a home inspection.

All newly built homes have this done as well as I and my inspectors are finding recalls on them as well.

If you are moving to or within Saskatchewan give us a call for a great inspection,a easy to understand home inspection report and the appliances checked. Call us today on 306 380 3786

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